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work in Web and Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Photography, and Photo Editing. Thank you, Deena Alansky
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Multimedia & Web Design Fees  |  Basic Services for All Web Sites
Optional Services to Enhance your Web Site

Multimedia & Web Design Fees:
Web Site Layout & Design Starts at:  $100.00 per page.
Administrative Set-Up Fee:  $100.00.
Optional Services:  $40.00 per hour.
Starter Web Package, Content:  Text Only
Page Titles, Site Navigation, and Background Created in HTML
$100.00 per page plus $100.00 set-up fee.
Multimedia Web Package,
Content:  Text, Photos, Video, Sound Files, & Flash Animation
Page Titles, Site Navigation, & Background Created in HTML
$100.00 per page plus $100.00 set-up fee. $40.00 per hour for
creating and preparing multimedia content for the web.
Basic Services Provided for All Web Sites
$100.00 Administrative Set-Up Fee Includes the Following:
  • Basic Web Page Layout & Design:  Up to 5 Different Page Designs. Design samples will be made available online, so that you may choose your favorite! (Additional designs can be created at $30.00 per hour.)
  • A centralized Site Navigation, which appears on every page, and stays consistent throughout the site. This creates a user-friendly environment.
  • Hypertext Links for the Web Site Navigation, with customized scripts for rollover color changes. This helps users distinguish their choices.
  • E-Mail links on all pages, if desired.* (See alternative below.)
  • Graphic Images with E-Mail Text, as an alternative to traditional E-Mail Links. The graphic image provides the text, but remains hidden from automated "Web Spider" programs. This can dramatically reduce your SPAM!
  • Form Mail programmed and added to your web site. This allows visitors to write and send E-Mail directly from your web site.
  • A page counter to track visitors to your site.
  • A "Back To Top" link at the bottom of all pages. This enhances navigation.
  • A link on the Home Page, encouraging visitors to bookmark your site.
  • Configuring of your Domain Name to point to your web hosting company.
  • Research of Meta Tags to improve your ranking in search engines.
    (These are parts of the HTML code, which are invisible to visitors, but are embedded into the HTML code. Search Engines use Meta Tags to index your web site. These are the "keywords" that you might enter in a search engine to find your site!)
  • Creation of a "Test Site" where you can watch your web site evolve, and offer feedback throughout the development process.
  • Testing of your web site on 4 different web browsers:  Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 6.0, Mozilla, & Opera.
  • Testing of the web site on Windows & Macintosh operating systems.
  • Uploading your files to your Web Hosting Company.
  • Submission of your web site to 30 of the top Search Engines.
  • Listing of your Web Site & Link on the Home & Web Design Pages of my Digital Portfolio Web Site.
Optional Services to Enhance Your Web Site!
$80.00 Per Hour for the following Optional Features:
Customized Graphic
Design for the Web:

Page Titles, Site Navigation, and Background Images Created in Photoshop. Custom Designed Company Logos & Business
Cards also available.

Rotating Banners to Communicate Your Message:
Tell the world about your company
or service with a rotating banner
at the top of each page! Your message can be customized
to suit your needs.

Flash Animation
Make your web site come to LIFE with a customized Flash Introduction! Send a unique message to visitors with animated text and images!

Image Manipulation
$30.00 per hour. Knock out a background in a photo and add a new one! Anything is possibly with today's technology! Photos can be used for print, web, or CD!

Personal Interviews:
Recorded & Transcribed

Imagine a personal interview with the president of your company or the lead singer of your band! I will travel to your location, digitally record the interview, and transcribe it for your web site. Add travel time.

Web Site Photo Gallery:
Estimates provided based
on your specific needs.

Each image enhanced
for quality, and optimized for fast download times! Each thumbnail image will be programmed to open enlargements in a new window!

Web Site Photo Gallery prices are based on you providing the digital files. If you need photography services, please see below.

Digital & Traditional Photography Services
$30.00 per hour plus expenses. Add travel time to and from the shoot. No expenses for Digital Photography. Film & Developing Costs for Traditional Photography.

Scanning & Retouching of Traditional Photographs
Breathe new life into those old photos! Include them on your web site! Have your photos scanned and digitally enhanced for print or web!

Content Development
I can help with research, writing, photography, animation, custom graphics, and text editing.

Information Architecture
Does your web site need volumes of content? I can help to organize your information into cohesive units.

Multimedia & Web Design Fees  |  Basic Services for All Web Sites
Optional Services to Enhance your Web Site

WEB DESIGN PAGE 1:  Explore My Web Sites 
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