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Image Manipulation Using Adobe Photoshop.
Changing People and Backgrounds!
*Click on images to view enlargements.


Mary & Rafael's Wedding, 9/01 Mary & Rafael, Summer 1999


Jill West and Blues Attack

Exchanging images in Adobe Photoshop.
The pursuit of one good band photo, Spring 2000

It sometimes proves an impossible task to get all the people in a group photo to look straight ahead. Faced with this dilemma, I created a composite.

I outlined and copied Mark's face was from the first photo below, pasted it onto the second photo; resulting in the third photo. Voilà!

*CLICK HERE to view all 3 photos as enlargements.

*Click on image below to view enlargement of both photos side-by-side.
Jill West and Blues Attack
*CLICK HERE for enlargement
of individual photo above.
*CLICK HERE for enlargement
of individual photo above.
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