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Raster Graphics, Created with
MetaCreations Painter & Adobe Photoshop
Custom Holiday Greeting Cards
The original background image was created in MetaCreations Painter.
Special effects & text were created in Adobe Photoshop.
*Click on images to view enlargements.
Greeting Cards:  Peace & Love Greeting Cards:  Peace & Love

Raster Graphics, Created with Meta Creations Painter
Computer Paint Class, Fall 2000
School Project:  Using MetaCreations Painter, create
customized text that relates to the background image.
*Click on images to view enlargements.
Computer Paint Class...Colores del Mundo Computer Paint Class...Reflect
Computer Paint Class Computer Paint Class Computer Paint Class

Raster Graphics, Created with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Matching Flower Stationery & Thank You Cards, Dec. 2002
The background image began as a digital photograph I took of a vase of
flowers. I then added special effects in Photoshop & Text in Illustrator.
*Click on images to view enlargements.
Deena's Flower Stationary Thank You Card
Customized Menu, Sept. 2002 Graphics Page, Dec. 2002
Deena's Gourmet Delights! Sample Menu Sample Graphics Page
5 Foot Banner Created in Adobe Illustrator for the
Latin American & Caribbean Heritage Room
The Latin American & Caribbean Heritage Room Banner

Heritage Room Info Flyer

Heritage Room Event Flyer
Flyer created in Microsoft Word to allow all members of our committee to download and print the flyer with ease.
Flyer created in Adobe Illustrator, and saved as a PDF file. This flyer was advertising 2 special events held in December 2003.
*Click Image to View MS Word File, 33 KB *Click Image to View PDF File, 27 KB
The Latin American & Caribbean Heritage Room Info Flyer
The Latin American & Caribbean Heritage Room Event Flyer


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