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PRINTING GUIDE...Page 2:  Copy, Paste, & Print
Helpful Tips For Newbies...Some quick and easy steps!
Alternatives To Printing From a Web Page
The Fine Art Of Copying and Pasting  |  Copying & Pasting For E-Mail
Alternatives To Printing From a Web Page

Newbies to the web, and perhaps even some long-time users may not realize that there is an alternative to PRINTING directly from a web page. Almost every computer, PC and MAC, is equipped with a WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM already pre-installed by the manufacturer.

Many people do not realize that WEB PAGES and WORD PROCESSING programs are COMPATIBLE, which means you can copy text from a web page, and paste it directly into a WORD document.

A quick and easy way to print JUST THE TEXT that you want, and AVOID all of the background colors, images, advertising, etc. is to simply COPY the desired text from the web page...and then PASTE the text into a brand new WORD document! SAVE the new document, and then print directly from your word processing program. This will give you much GREATER control over font color, size, spacing, etc.

The ABOVE information is based on your ability to copy and paste!
In case you are a "newbie", here's a STEP-BY-STEP guide.

Getting Started:  
Instructions For PC and MAC users:

  • PC users:  Follow the "right-click" method as described below.

  • MAC users:  If you are using a Macintosh computer, and have a mouse with right-click capabilities, you can also follow the "right-click" instructions.

  • Mac users without a "right-click" mouse can substitute "COMMAND + click"
    whenever the "right-click" is described below
The Fine Art Of Copying & Pasting:  A Step-By-Step Guide

Getting Started:

First, decide which portion of the text on a particular web page you WANT to copy.

Then, position your MOUSE (cursor) on the upper left corner of the desired text.

CLICK and HOLD DOWN the LEFT side of your mouse button... as you DRAG over, across, and down the page...covering all the text, which you've decided to copy. (KEEPING the left button depressed the entire time!)

This will result in that portion of text becoming HIGHLIGHTED. Continue dragging (while holding down the left side of your mouse button) until ALL OF THE DESIRED TEXT has become HIGHLIGHTED. Now you can RELEASE the mouse button. The text will remain highlighted.

Ready to copy:

WITHOUT YET CLICKING YOUR MOUSE...place the cursor ANYWHERE on TOP of the highlighted text...and then RIGHT CLICK the mouse. A drop-down menu will then be displayed. Glide your cursor down the list, and LEFT-CLICK on the word "COPY."

Your text has now been copied, and will be stored by your computer's memory UNTIL you choose to copy something else...or close that program...or turn off your computer!  :-)

Another way to copy:

Once the text is highlighted...go up to the toolbar at the top of the page and click on the word: EDIT. A menu will drop down. From that menu, you can choose COPY...(CLICK on the word COPY)

Ready to paste:

NEXT...you need to create a BRAND NEW word document in whatever word processing program you're using.

Click on the new document at the location where you want the copied text to appear.

RIGHT-CLICK your mouse at that location, and choose PASTE from the drop-down menu...

Another way to paste:

Go to the top of the page and click on EDIT...and choose PASTE from that drop-down menu...(CLICK on the word PASTE)

PRESTO! Your selected and copied text will now MAGICALLY appear in a BRAND NEW WORD DOCUMENT...MINUS the background colors, images, ads, etc.! ONLY the parts that YOU SELECT will be copied into the new document!

Copying & Pasting For E-Mail

Follow the steps above in "The Fine Art Of Copying & Pasting" for
copying and pasting text from an e-mail window
into a BRAND NEW e-mail window!

Copy the desired text, as described above. The only difference is instead of opening a brand new "word document", you will open a brand new "composition window" in your e-mail program. Whatever window you use to "write" your letters, that is the NEW window to open. Then PASTE the copied text into that NEW e-mail window.

By copying and pasting the desired text into a NEW e-mail, you can:

  • ELIMINATE all the addresses in the header!
  • EDIT the text in the "composition" window of your e-mail program!

*Text that appears on web pages is either EDITABLE or NON-EDITABLE.

*MOST TEXT on web pages is NON-EDITABLE. Text in the e-mail window
where you are READING your incoming e-mail is NOT editable!

*But...when you click on "COMPOSE" in your e-mail program, a "composition"
window opens. TEXT IN THE COMPOSITION WINDOW IS editable!

When you COPY and PASTE into a "composition" window of your
e-mail program, the text then BECOMES EDITABLE in that window!

ALSO, when you click on the "REPLY" button in most e-mail programs, the text
in the new window (including the ORIGINAL text being replied to) can now be edited.

A common usage for editable text fields on web pages is in forms, like the ones on THIS web site on the CONTACT page and adding entries to the GUESTBOOK.

Editable text fields are needed to allow a user to enter data into a form or in a composition window of an e-mail program. This data is then transmitted over the Internet when the user clicks the "send" button.

On many web pages, this function is not needed,
and the text appears in a non-editable format.

Alternatives To Printing From a Web Page
The Fine Art Of Copying and Pasting  |  Copying & Pasting For E-Mail
PRINTING GUIDE...Page 2:  Copy, Paste, & Print
Page 1:  Turning Off Colors For Print Page 2:  How To Copy, Paste, & Print
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