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Photo Gallery Page 7:
Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers,
Marathon Party, May 4, 2003

Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers Marathon Party
At the home of Whiff & Dutchess, May 4, 2003

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For those of you wondering what The Hash House Harriers are all about...
It's an International running/drinking/social club with chapters all over the world!
Here's a recent article written for a local Pittsburgh Newspaper in Spring 2003.

Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers
"The drinking club with a running problem."
On the Scene - by Killeen Martinez

I don't like to exercise. Having sore muscles the day after a workout is not fun. I chuckle when I see an infomercial on TV showing smiling people trying to make a new type of torture equipment look fun. But then I came across a group of individuals here in Pittsburgh who have a way of making a work out adventurous and entertaining. They call themselves the Hash House Harriers.

The Hash House Harriers is a group of ten or more men and women who meet weekly to go on a non-competitive run. They follow a path marked by a "hare" that sets the trail for the group. Depending on the location of the run or "hash," anything can happen when the group gathers in a different place each week. One hash may be held in a wooded area over trails, through streams, up and down hills, sliding in the mud, or getting tangled in a pricker bush. The next outing could be scheduled in the city where Harriers run through alleyways, dodge speeding bicyclists, or try not to trip over guitar playing hippies hoping to grab your spare change.

Treacherous at times, unpredictability is all part of the adventure and fun. At the end of each run the group celebrates the occasion with food, beer, and cocktails. This tradition helps soften the agony of defeat and explains their motto: "The drinking group with a running problem." New members are also declared at the after party. Every hasher is given a nickname picked by the rest of the group, a handle that usually has something to do with an embarrassing moment such as a trip, fall, flying leap, or hard land in the mud.

Hashing originally started in Malaysia in 1938 when a group of restless Englishmen started a hare and hounds running group. Their meeting place was the Selangor Club, known as the "Hash House." The runs were similar to a British public school paper chase. An individual was selected to be the "hare" and would be given a head start to designate a trail. He marked his way with scraps of paper while being closely pursued by a rowdy bunch of "harriers."

Only the hare knew where he was going as the harriers followed his marks to stay on track. Apart from the excitement of chasing down the hare, finding the marks, and the rush of adrenaline, the trail hashers would be rewarded with a barrel of cold beer.

"I've been a Hash House Harriers since 1985," said hasher Jim Martin, AKA Moon, "and I've probably been on 1,000 runs." He and several other die-hard hashers like Jim Montgomery (Whiff) run rain or shine year round. "In January when there was twelve inches of snow outside, we still ran," said fellow member Jerry Agin (Folker). "We stopped along the way to make angels and have snowball fights. It was fun."

The casual atmosphere creates an enjoyable time, and the Hash House Harriers welcome anyone to come along and give hashing a try. With no membership required, anyone can show up at a regularly scheduled hash only needing old clothes and a decent pair of running shoes. Hashes are held on Sunday afternoons during the fall and winter as well as Monday evenings and full moons in the spring and summer.

The Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers' Hotline:  412-381-6709
The Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers' Web Site:  
Global Trash's Map of Hashes in the USA:

Global Trash's World Hash House Harriers Home Page


PAGE 7:  Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers Marathon Party, May 4, 2003
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