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Flux Art Show in Oakland, April 5, 2003
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Master Mechanic  |  Abstract Art By Dave
My Friends & Flux
  |  About Ground Zero  |  About Flux

Gabrielle Marsden & Bob Spieler of Master Mechanic

These guys have been my friends for 20 years...WOW! I took these photos of them at Flux inside the old King's Court Theater, right after ATS had finished playing. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES!
They were kind enough to give me permission to include their photos on my web site!

Check out their really cool web site:  www.mastermechanicusa.org
*Click on photos for enlargements.
Master Mechanic
Gabrielle Marsden & Bob Spieler
Gabrielle Marsden & Bob Spieler
Mechanically inclined original garage punk hard rock since 1994.

Abstract Art By David Flynn

My friend Dave Flynn, who I've known for 20 years, has discovered a passion for abstract
painting in the last few years. He displayed his art work for the first time publicly at Flux! CONGRATULATIONS, DAVE!

*Click on photos for enlargements.



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My Friends & Flux

FLUX is a traveling art show and performance venue in Pittsburgh.

Flux takes place about once every 2 or 3 months, for one night only, in a different location each time. April's Flux occupied 3 distinct locations in Oakland near the Pitt campus. The most prominent being the old King's Court Theater on Forbes Ave. The other 2 locations were:  Kiva Han Coffee Shop at Forbes & Meyran; and Euler Way, an alley between Meyran & Atwood.

Every time I attend a Flux event in Pittsburgh, I end up seeing old friends. This last Flux was no exception, especially since some of my friends were participating in the event itself!

I got to see ATS, who I haven't seen in ages! Boy, does that bring back memories! It's always fun to watch people you actually know creating live music right before your very eyes! And it was great to see Alycia, Sandy, & Bella!

I was excited for my friend, Dave Flynn, who was displaying his art work for the first time publicly at Flux! Dave has become a prolific painter of abstract art in the last 3 years, producing dozens of wild paintings.

A few months ago Dave asked me to photograph about 30 of his paintings, so that he would have them in digital format. I'm still trying to convince Dave to let me make him a web site! But for the time being, he has given me permission to display some of his paintings here on my web site!

I also got to see my friends Gabrielle Marsden & Bob Spieler. This husband and wife team are the backbone of the Pittsburgh band, Master Mechanic. And I've known these folks for 20 years! I met them both back in 1983, and I remember the year because it was the year I graduated from Pitt.

It was long before they were married, so I don't know if Bob & Gab knew each other back in 1983, but I remember knowing each of them from parties and going to hear bands around the 'Burgh!

I also remember "Movie Night" at Bob & Gab's house back in the 90's. Bob has an amazing collection of old time classic movies on actual FILM, which he likes to share with friends. What ever happened to MOVIE NIGHT??? Those were some fun times! BRING BACK MOVIE NIGHT!!!

Master Mechanic played that night in the alley known as Euler Way...OUTDOORS! April weather can be unpredictable, and on the night of April 5th, 2003, Pittsburgh was in the grip of winter-like freezing temperatures! Friends and fans endured the bitter cold in support of their local musicians!

I'm sorry to say that I was fighting off a nasty head cold that night, and did not have the privilege of hearing them play. But I did manage to take 2 fun photos of Bob and Gabrielle! :-)

I'd like to invite you all to visit the Master Mechanic web site, which I found to be highly entertaining! And hey, I'm a webmaster...so if I like it...it's GOT TO BE GOOD! LOL!

Unfortunately, due to my cold on the night of Flux, I'm sad to say that I didn't take very many photos. Those of you who know my photographic tendencies will be quite surprised by how few there are, but like I said before, I was under the weather that night! I promise I'll make up for it at the next FLUX! :-)

I hope you will enjoy the few photos that I did take...of Bob & Gab & my friend Dave's art work.

See you at the next Flux!

Deena N. Alansky
Multimedia/Web Developer

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About Ground Zero

Ground Zero sends out an electronic newsletter about once a week, with a listing of local Pittsburgh events. These events may be:  artistic, musical, recreational, political, etc. This is the BEST NEWSLETTER FOR LOCAL EVENTS that I've seen in Pittsburgh in many years!

Sign up for the free mailing list to receive the newsletter, "HAPPENINGS!"  
The easiest way to participate in GroundZero is by subscribing to our mailing lists. There are currently two separate e-mail lists to subscribe to: Announcements, for important updates and information from the GroundZero core group; and Happenings, a list which provides information and recommendations about interesting events around the city.
GroundZero is an open network of doers, makers and creative people who collaborate on projects focused on Pittsburgh's urban environment and culture. Philosophy:  The intention of the group is to create and sustain a network of resources and information that facilitates artistic collaboration and urban renewal on both individual and regional levels.
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About Flux

The intent of FLUX (otherwise known as CELEBRATE PITTSBURGH) is to provide a new forum for artists to perform, interact and promote themselves in non-traditional settings. The settings for these events are carefully chosen to represent locations that are in a state of transition ­ or 'flux' ­ between a rich past and a promising future.

Master Mechanic  |  Abstract Art By Dave
My Friends & Flux
  |  About Ground Zero  |  About Flux


PAGE 6:  Flux Art Show in Oakland, April 5, 2003
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