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Dinner With Friends & Mark Dignam, 01/31/03 

Dinner With Friends, January 31, 2003

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Mark Dignam at Club Cafe, January 31, 2003

I had the pleasure of catching a live performance of Irish singer/songwriter, Mark Dignam, last January at the Club Cafe. I heard about the gig in an e-mail from my artist/musician friend, Hugh Watkins. I figured if Hugh was recommending this guy, I needed to check him out! And I'm glad I did! What an amazing performer! And I got to meet Mark and his wife after the show. It turns out they live in Swissvale about a mile away from me! Small world...especially in Pittsburgh! Mark's performance was part a of month-long local-music showcase held at the Club Cafe this past January, 2003.

Check out Mark's Web Site:  www.markdignam.com

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Local music scene gets a spark with 100 Bands
Friday, January 03, 2003, Article By Ed Masley

More Pics of Mark at Club Cafe!

Mark Dignam Homepage

Paving the Way for Street Performing

Mark Dignam CD Release, Club Café
Saturday, November 30, Article By:  Mike Shanley

The Club Cafe Web Site


PAGE 3:  Dinner With Friends & Mark Dignam at Club Cafe, January 31, 2003
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