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PAGE 7:  Updates from Kevin & Leslie!
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Sunset in Bangkok  |  Dinner with Our Best Friend  |  Life In Thailand  |  The Graveyard Shift

Sunset in Bangkok, September 2003

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E-Mail From Kevin & Leslie, September 20, 2003
Dinner with Our Best Friend

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September 20 , 2003

Just got in from having dinner with one of the teachers from the school. She took us to her favorite Loas restaurant tonight. She has become a great friends to us.

Love, Kevin and Leslie

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E-Mail From Kevin & Leslie, September 4, 2003
Life In Thailand

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September 4 , 2003


We look forward to the day when we don’t begin a letter with an apology for not writing sooner. At least on this occasion I have not one, but two excuses.

First of all, we are both still busy at the school, and though we are a bit more settled in, all sorts of new challenges pop up daily. Secondly, there just isn’t much compelling news to write of.

Leslie is still doing a great job down at the kindergarten where she has 39 students (2 classes) under her tutelage. Every night at dinner (after we get done belly-aching over how hard our day was) she relates some of the funniest stories about her children. They provide some hilarious journaling fodder.

As for me, after realizing that not every English lesson has to be more scintillating than the one before, I’ve begun to mellow out and work at a more sustainable level. At the pace I was going, I never would have been able to finish out the school year and as it is, I’m just taking it one day at a time so as not to get too overwhelmed.

The head of our Mathematics department recently was taken ill and had to return to England for an indefinite period of time. This meant I had to pick up 6 additional classes each week. The school is very conscious of spending money and is reluctant to hire a new teacher.

Leslie and I have just finished hosting a seminary student from Pittsburgh. She was the recipient of a scholarship that allowed her to visit S.E. Asia and research the reason behind the slow growth of the church here in Thailand. It was a great visit and we learned a lot from each other.

My final exams are due this week so I am busy preparing them and Leslie is busy typing them for me. We will be off in October for 3 weeks and are making travel plans now. Our next update should be much more exciting!

Miss you all!!

Peace, Kevin and Leslie

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E-Mail From Kevin & Leslie, July 15, 2003
Leslie's idea of a fun way to spend an afternoon off from work!

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July 15 , 2003

Only graveyard we've seen in all of Bangkok. It was a mess with many poor people living there. They eventually shooed us out of there. Had the day off for some Buddhist holiday. Back to work tomorrow with just one day off (besides weekends) until October.

Peace, Kevin and Leslie

Sunset in Bangkok  |  Dinner with Our Best Friend  |  Life In Thailand  |  The Graveyard Shift
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Kevin & Leslie's Adventures in Thailand!
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