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New Photos From Thailand!  |  E-Mail From Leslie, May-June, 2003
Children From Leslie's K-1 Class  |  E-Mail from Kevin & Leslie, July 14, 2003
New Photos From Thailand!

Sports Day at our Church

First Day of School!
E-Mail From Leslie, May 19, 2003

May 19, 2003

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we have not been writing. We have both been busy preparing for the 1st day of school which was today. Which explains why Kevin is wearing a tie. The picture of me is from sports day at our church where we beat two other churches in chairball (don't ask). We miss everyone and hope to check in with you soon.

Love, Leslie

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E-Mail From Leslie, June 3, 2003

June 3, 2003

These children are from my K-1 class (3 years olds). Muel, Ni, Jordan and Jaydie. They are so cute!

*Click on photos for enlargements.


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E-Mail From Kevin & Leslie, July 14, 2003

July 14 , 2003


It doesn’t seem possible, but it sounds as if you are busier than we are these days. Besides the fact we have been busy, the other reason I haven’t written is that nothing exciting is going on. Our days pretty much consist of teaching Monday through Friday, doing laundry and shopping on Saturdays and spending most of Sunday with our church.

Just when we get into some semblance of a routine though, something comes along and turns our schedules upside down. The school has begun a remedial English program before and after regular school hours. In addition, the Mathematics head has taken ill and had to return to England. This means more classes in addition to more prep work.

We find ourselves crawling into bed by 8:30 each night, so the weekdays are pretty much just devoted to schoolwork. On Saturdays we shop at the plethora of markets in the neighborhood. We have sent along a picture I took earlier this evening of a market just down the soi (street). (Photo on next page!) It just had started to rain so we scooted home and thought we would use this ‘down time’ to say hello. Feel free to post this on the web site you created for us as I have not been in touch with anyone for awhile.

We still love the church that we found and are starting to get more involved with them. Leslie and I teach English on Sunday mornings before worship service which is then followed by lunch. After lunch one of the church members tutors us in Thai. By the time we return home we need to get our act together for the coming school week.

Our days of exploring tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand are on hold at least until October. We have found time to root out some awesome veggie restaurants in Bangkok though, and all last week we hosted a seminary student from Pittsburgh who was here on a scholarship. She was doing research for a paper on the reasons for the slow growth of the church here in Thailand. It was fun having someone around who spoke English, and I think Leslie and myself came close to talking her ear off.

We spent half the day Saturday bumming around Chinatown, which was a blast. Picture the strip district multiplied by a million! We had so much fun and at one point five of us were in one tuk-tuk (kind of like a motorcycle with a bench in the back best suited for 3 people at the most.) We returned on a river boat down the Choa Phyra River. Next time we head out like that I promise to take some pictures.

We miss all our friends and it seems like we have been gone forever.

Take care,
Kevin & Leslie

Things we miss:

  1. family and friends
  2. ginger snaps
  3. PNC Park
  4. Sunday Post Gazette
  5. fried veggies w/cheese at Three Rivers Art Festival
  6. breakfast (Kevin heard ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba coming from a neighbor's apartment early this morning and he thought this is not so different from home. Just then the door opened, and a women walked out holding a baby in one hand and eating some pork and octopus on a stick with the other. No such thing as pancakes, French toast, home fries, omelets etc.
  7. trees, grass, anything green. (Although much of Thailand is lush, Bangkok is truly a concrete jungle.)

Things we don’t miss:

  1. television
  2. having a car (the bus costs 3 ½ baht …8 cents)
  3. washer and dryer
  4. toilet paper (Kevin has seen the light! The hose is the way to go!!)
  5. rude behavior (these people are reserved and polite almost to a fault)
New Photos From Thailand!  |  E-Mail From Leslie, May-June, 2003
Children From Leslie's K-1 Class  |  E-Mail from Kevin & Leslie, July 14, 2003
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Kevin & Leslie's Adventures in Thailand!
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