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PAGE 3:  Bangkok & Rayong
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First Views From Bangkok! March 20, 2003  |  Rayong & Bangkok, March 28, 2003
E-Mail From Leslie, March 28, 2003
First Views From Bangkok! March 20, 2003
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Rayong & Bangkok, March 28, 2003
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E-Mail From Leslie, March 28, 2003

Date: 28 Mar 2003 19:35:34 SE Asia Standard Time

Hi Deena,

Just got back from Rayong...here is the long and short about the attached pictures:

Kevin is eating this concoction made of rice, black beans and coconut milk. It is stuffed into a bamboo branch and cooked over a wood fire. The Thai's say if you eat too many you will get FAT!

Picture of Kevin, me and my Thai kindergarten teacher that I will be working along side.

The trip to Rayong was for all of the Thai teachers and since we were not doing anything the director of the school asked us to come along. We were the only farangs (Thai word meaning Frenchmen, the universal word for Westerner.) The retreat was a pep rally for the Thai teachers since school starts on Monday 31st.

We played a lot of games and it was hard because we didn't know the rules but we were out there trying our best to try and do something that looked like we knew what we were doing. It was fun!

I'm standing next to a huge durian fruit. We call it the stinky fruit but the Thai's also call it that because there is no denying it STINKS! Smells like a skunk but the Thai people love it. Kevin said it tasted soft and creamy but he had to hold his nose while eating it. He said it tasted all right but it is sort of awkward trying to hold your nose and eat at the same time.

The water was beautiful but it doesn't look that way in the picture. I thought the tree line along the beach was cool.

Miss & Love you....Leslie

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First Views From Bangkok! March 20, 2003  |  Rayong & Bangkok, March 28, 2003
E-Mail From Leslie, March 28, 2003

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Kevin & Leslie's Adventures in Thailand!
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