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PAGE 1:  Introduction To Thailand
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Intro  |  Farewell  |  Lisa & Brad  |  About Thailand From Lonely Planet
 About Thailand From Education Abroad  |  About The Climate From Amazing-Thailand
Maps Of Thailand  |  Cool Sites To Visit  |  Tip For Viewing Enlargements

Kevin & Leslie Begin a New Life in Thailand!
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Former Pittsburgh residents, Kevin and Leslie McDermott, have left Pittsburgh to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! This web site will document their new life in Bangkok, Thailand with photos and essays. Please check back for regular updates.

Kevin and Leslie will be working as elementary school teachers in Thailand. Imagine experiencing an entirely new career, culture, and language...all at the same time! How exciting and challenging it will be!

Kevin and Leslie will be sending me digital photos from their new home, so we can all share in their incredible journey! What a unique opportunity for us all to enhance our cultural awareness!

We all wish them the best of luck in their new endeavors!

On Saturday Night, March 1, 2003,
Many friends bid farewell to Kevin & Leslie!
Kevin & Leslie at the Cajun Dance
One last night on the town before leaving Pittsburgh!
One of the best kept secrets in Pittsburgh has to be the Cajun Dances, which are held at the Bulgarian Macedonian Hall in West Homestead, PA. Just finding the building is a challenge itself, but well worth the effort! The rewards are great music, dancing, & fun!
The Cajun Dance was the perfect setting to to say good-bye to two wonderful people, who will be greatly missed! We all wish you both much success in your new careers and your new home!
Learn more about Cajun Dances in Pittsburgh:
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*Click on photo for enlargement.
Long-time friends, Lisa & Brad, at the Cajun Dance.
*Click on photos for enlargements.

About Thailand...From Lonely Planet

Bangkok:  It's worth putting up with the coronary-inducing traffic jams, pollution, annual floods and sticky weather to experience one of Asia's most exciting cities. Bangkok has dominated Thailand's urban hierarchy, as well as its political, commercial and cultural life, since the late 18th century.

  • Full country name: Kingdom of Thailand
  • Area: 517,000 sq km
  • Population: 62 million
  • Capital city: Bangkok (pop 6 million)
  • People: 75% Thai, 11% Chinese, 3.5% Malay, also Mon, Khmer, Phuan and Karen minorities
  • Language: Thai
  • Religion: 95% Buddhism, 4% Muslim
  • Government: Democratic constitutional monarch

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About Thailand...From Education Abroad

In the Kingdom of Thailand, known as the “land of smiles,” you can experience a unique blend of ancient tradition and contemporary living. The glittering golden Buddhist temples and saffron-robed monks of Theravada Buddhism, the world’s oldest and most traditional Buddhist sect, are central to Thai daily life. In this constitutional monarchy the hereditary king is especially popular and revered.

Today, Thailand is a rapidly developing country with enormous human and natural resources.
As one of the dynamic powers of Asia and a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Thailand’s current economic growth is rooted in its exports and service sector. Its fertile land, central geographic location, absence of a colonial legacy, and national emphasis on foreign investment and sound resource development all contribute to its economic strength. The historical role of the Thai military and the Chinese presence on the northern border add intriguing elements to Thailand’s political and economic development.

Created as the capital of Thailand in 1782, Bangkok is known in Thai as the City of Angels (Krung Thep), and is the country’s spiritual, cultural, political, economic, educational, and administrative center. As Thailand's major port, Bangkok has always been more cosmopolitan than many other cities of the region, as reflected in its modern skyscrapers, world-class hotels, shopping plazas, and active nightlife. At the same time, its rich cultural heritage has been preserved in the splendor of the Grand Palace, historic shrines and temples, and traditional architecture.

The population of Bangkok is close to 7 million, and the majority of its residents are native Thais, with a mixture of Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Malays, and Europeans.

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About The Climate...From Amazing-Thailand

Thailand's climate is tropical, high both in temperature and humidity, and dominated by monsoons. April and May are the hottest months of the year, when even the locals are moved to complain about the heat. June sees the beginning of the South West Monsoon, and brings with it the rainy season, which continues intermittently until the end of October.

From November to the end of February the climate is much less trying with a cooling North East breeze and a reduction in the humidity level. This is also the main tourist season, and the best time to visit Thailand.

More climate info from The Frommer's Web Site:

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Maps Of Thailand
Maps Of Thailand
Embassyworld:  Index Of Maps
www.maps.com  ·   www.expedia Map
http://go.hrw.com  ·   www.athailand.com
This is one truly amazing web site!
This site features the most amazing, interactive map I've ever seen! Locate "Tools" near the upper right of the page, and from the drop-down menu, choose:  "Interactive World Map."

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Cool Sites To Visit



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Please check back soon, as this site will continue to grow & evolve!
As Kevin and Leslie send me their digital photos via e-mail, I will be posting them
on this web site! I am also encouraging them to write e
ssays to share their experiences.
So, check back soon, and let's explore Thailand through the eyes of our good friends!

Intro  |  Farewell  |  Lisa & Brad  |  About Thailand From Lonely Planet
 About Thailand From Education Abroad  |  About The Climate From Amazing-Thailand
Maps Of Thailand  |  
Cool Sites To Visit  |  Tip For Viewing Enlargements

Send E-Mail to Kevin & Leslie:
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Kevin & Leslie's Adventures in Thailand!
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