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work in Web and Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Photography, and Photo Editing. Thank you, Deena Alansky
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Main Menu Navigation

THE MAIN MENU NAVIGATION BAR is located at the top of each page. These buttons are dark blue in the normal state, and change to a light blue when your mouse rolls over. The text color also changes, from white to blue. This is your visual cue that you are directly over an active button. Click on a button to make your selection.

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The main menu navigation options are repeated on the bottom of each page in
the form of HYPERTEXT LINKS. (See explanation of HYPERTEXT LINKS below.)

Secondary Navigation

A SECONDARY NAVIGATION BAR is provided in sections containing more than one page. This is located directly below the main navigation bar. These colorful buttons are a mix of light blue, aqua, and lavender in the normal state, and change to a lighter shade of these colors as your mouse rolls over. Click on the desired button to visit the page.

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Secondary navigation options are repeated at the
bottom of each page in the form of hypertext links.

Page Index

A PAGE INDEX is located near the top and bottom of the longer pages, for easy reference. The index consists of hypertext links, which connect to specific topics within that page. Click on link to make your selection.

Hypertext Links

Throughout this web site you will encounter hypertext links. These links appear as blue underlined text in the normal state, but change to maroon when your mouse rolls over.
The background behind the text also changes color as the mouse rolls over, depending on the page. The background color will change to either light blue or white. A hypertext link that has already been visited (clicked) will be purple.

Clicking on a hypertext link will trigger one of the following events:

  • You will be transported to another section of the same page.
  • You will be transported to another section of this web site.
  • You will open a new browser window, with a new and different web site.

*Tip:  The cursor will turn into a HAND when your mouse is over an "active link"!


A third method of navigation is available through the blue arrows on each page. When your cursor rolls across one of these arrows, the CURSOR will change to a hand, and the ARROW turn into a greenish hue. This is your visual cue that you are rolling over an "active link" to either:  the previous page, the next page, or the top of the page. Click on an arrow to "move" in the arrow's direction throughout this web site

Arrow Pointing Up = Top Of Page

Arrow Pointing Left = Previous Page
Arrow Pointing Right = Next Page

Blue Diamond Buttons
*Click here for demonstration.

Throughout this site you will encounter blue diamond-shaped buttons. These buttons will grow SLIGHTLY larger when your CURSOR rolls over them. This is your visual CUE that your mouse is directly over an "active" button. Also, your cursor will turn into the familiar pointing hand.

Clicking on one of these buttons will usually result in a new browser window opening with information related to that section of the web site.

In the VIDEO section, however, clicking on these buttons will open a new browser window AND begin downloading a QuickTime movie. This feature is repeated in the CREDITS section.



Viewing Images

Throughout this web site, you will encounter many small "thumbnail" images. If you see your CURSOR change to the familiar HAND while your mouse rolls over the picture, you have reached an "active link" to a LARGER version of the thumbnail picture. Simply CLICK on top of the picture, to open a larger version of the image in a new browser window. Then click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the picture window.



Main Navigation  |  Secondary Navigation  | Page Index
Hypertext Links  |  Moving Arrows  |  Blue Diamond Buttons  |  Viewing Images


Using This Site Screen Resolution Web Browsers Music & Media
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