Changing Screen Resolution:  Windows Operating System


Start by locating the Display Properties Window

RIGHT-CLICK your mouse anywhere ON your desktop! (*Tip:  your cursor must be on your actual desktop, and NOT on a window from a program you have running!)

From the drop-down menu, CHOOSE:  Active Desktop.
Follow the arrow across and down with your cursor,
and CHOOSE (click on): Customize My Desktop.

The Display Properties window will open.
CHOOSE (click on) the "Settings" tab.

Changing the Screen Resolution

Locate the SLIDE CONTROL for the SCREEN AREA in the lower
right-hand corner of the window...(Circled this in RED in the picture below!)

Place your cursor ON TOP of the tab, and drag across the bar...
to the left to decrease...to the right to increase.

A MINIMUM screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels is highly recommended,
although viewing at a HIGHER resolution is also fine! (I prefer high resolution.)

Choose a setting, and CLICK on OK.

A message window will open, informing you that:

"Windows will now resize your desktop. This will take a few seconds, during which
time your screen might flicker. If Windows does not reappear correctly,
wait 15 seconds, and your original settings will be restored."


Your screen will shut off for one moment, and then turn right back on.
Another message window (Monitor Settings) will then open, asking you:

"You resized your desktop. Do you want to keep these settings?"

CLICK on YES if you like the new settings,
and NO to return to the previous settings.

Voilà! You've ADJUSTED your screen resolution!


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